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Who we serve
Triple B Hospitality creates renowned, best-in-class dining experiences for workplaces, educational institutions, and event venues. Our purpose is greater than simply providing nourishment, as we utilize our years of wisdom to provide high-quality services that enrich the lives of our guests, clients, and associates.
Our promise

Triple B Hospitality combines an unprecedented breadth of knowledge with a clear vision for the future, as we restructure the meaning of what it means to be a diverse, inclusive hospitality company. As an innovative and devoted service provider company, Triple B hopes to advance the economic opportunities of its employees and the local communities we serve.

What we do for you
Our success means YOUR success. We treat every employee with respect and give them an authentic opportunity to grow and innovate within an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace that values their feedback. Triple B will help build intergenerational wealth for its employees and their families. Why? Because valued employees will treat you—our clients and guests—with the utmost respect. We foster employee engagement and growth that continuously drive the service innovation that exceeds expectations.
A Proven Track

Our founders have a combined 90 years of experience in the service industry, covering various roles and industries, including supply chain, transit, food services, and dining. They have worked on multiple food service contracts for a decade, resulting in a strong collaboration that will drive their future success.

Shared Equitable

Triple B Hospitality's founders aim to promote equitable growth by passing on their knowledge to young adults and creating a work environment focused on human needs, resulting in exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, and overall prosperity. By prioritizing equity, everyone benefits from growth.

Customer Service

Our founders are leaders in the hospitality industry and deliver top-notch customer service because of their minority ownership, not despite it. With growing awareness and changing demographics in the US, now is the ideal time for this new food service business model. The company aims to offer the best dining experience by supporting all partners and investing in guests.

A deep-rooted philosophy
Our philosophy is based on a simple premise: ALL people matter. People planning is important. People planning is power. Our mission is to leave a legacy through accountable leadership based on accountability for authentic actions that will create the changes needed in the industry. We are committed to constantly learning and implementing visionary strategic planning that will change people’s lives for the better.
90 yrs

Of Combined Leadership Experience


Experience Makers Nationally


Unique Human-Centric Operations Nationally

Minority capacity overview

Keith Bethel, Junior Bridgeman and Marc Brooks are all already successful executives and entrepreneurs in the food services industry: Keith worked his way up the corporate ranks from a job in the kitchen, Junior was a self-taught QSR entrepreneur, and Marc grew up in a family that owned a minority-owned food company business.

For nearly a decade they have all worked together seamlessly in partnership with larger, global hospitality companies as minority-owned business enterprises in large-scale contracts. Their combined, collective experience will enable them to compete in their own right and become the leader in hospitality through an on-going commitment to putting people first and continuous learning. Why? Because valued employees will treat you—our clients and guests—with the utmost respect. We foster employee engagement and growth that continuously drive the service innovation that exceeds expectations.

Triple B Hospitality will be a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise that partners with other hospitality companies, serves its own clients, and hires local MBEs companies as needed.


“The hospitality industry has the potential to grow and empower leaders if we focus on creating opportunities for excellence to shine.”

“Our passion for clients is best demonstrated in our passion for those we serve.”

“Great experiences require great ingredients; we focus on three;

best-in-class people, products, and passion.”

Our story
Triple B Hospitality’s three founders’ specific experience encompasses supply chain businesses, institutional and transportation hub food services, and quick service restaurant franchises and higher-end restaurants. And Keith, Junior, and Marc have already successfully worked together on multiple food service contracts for almost a decade. Their collective vision is to pass the opportunities that they were given as young adults along to others and make this “people first” prototype scalable. The necessary change that we sow today will reap abundance tomorrow.
Meet the team
Marc Brooks

From a young age, Marc worked in the food industry, where he learned how to make every employee feel comfortable, valued, and heard.

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Junior Bridgeman

After making a name for himself in the NBA, Junior has made waves in the food and hospitality industry for over 38 years.

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Keith Bethel

Over a 32-year career in hospitality, Keith is leaning on his experience to advance equity in diverse communities through a human-centric approach.

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Binta Leverette

Vice President of Operations, North America

David Fleming

District Manager,
North America

Elishea Walker

Director of Human Resources, North America

Planting good seeds
Where people come first, sustainability follows.

We seek to plant good seeds by ethically sourcing from diverse and inclusive regional and local farms and food suppliers, mentoring local Minority-Owned Business Enterprises, partnering with local food services talent, minimizing the impact of our business on the environment, and sourcing and preparing healthy food so our guests can thrive. The heart and soul of sustainability is integrity and safety in all of these endeavors.

Our certifications

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) advances business opportunities for certified minority business enterprises (MBE's). They're the only national organization providing certification throughout the U.S. for ethnic diverse suppliers ready to do business.


MBE is an American designation for businesses which are at least 51% owned, operated and controlled on a daily basis by one or more ethnic minority and/or gender and/or military veteran classification.